OpenRUSH Project wishes to provide support for the Philips Rush portable mp3 player under GPL.

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Current state:
Update 07/2004: Henning Spruth reports: recent Philips flash
players released under the Rush label (at least, the SA-230 model)
seem to not use SDMI any more and can be used using the generic
usb-storage driver.

This project is retired. I think that the philosophy of the RUSH
was a dead-end. A lot of excellent portable players exists without
the limits of the SDMI related nightmare, acting as a usb-storage
device. Choose one of them.
  • The project needs encryption gurus. read more here.

  • Linux USB kernel driver based on the Rio500 works correctly.

  • "all" of the vendor specific protocol decoded from the USB dumps.

  • userspace code provides all of the functions implemented.

  • due to SDMI related stuff RUSH doesn't play the uploaded tracks because they are "unauthorized".